Events, Meetings, and Tradeshows

Design and Management of Tradeshow Campaigns

Tradeshows and conferences are among a company’s most expensive endeavors. When planned for and executed effectively, these events are a great opportunity for both lead generation and corporate branding. However, with ineffective planning the cost of these events often exceeds the benefits derived from them. SourceSolution can help design and manage a tradeshow campaign that can deliver actionable leads and strong brand recognition. We do this by developing a strategic vision for the campaign and pair each activity with strong analytics allowing you to accurately measure ROI and collect data for future planning.

Booth Design

SourceSolution can even help you with the tricky task of selecting a booth design and management company from defining booth requirements through creation of RFPs and in making agency recommendations. Our approach is characterized by the combination of form and function. We will help you design an impressive booth within budget while retaining focus on creating a structure that will generate traffic and leads. Booths can range from tabletops to 40x40 booths or larger, and regardless of scale, we would like the opportunity to help you. We have experience with interactive touch screens, advanced lighting and sound, lead retrieval systems, internet access, in booth surveys, and a host of other technological applications. We will help make your potential client’s experiences worth remembering.

Announcements and Communication

A critical part of planning your event is promotion. The best speakers, the best venue and the best topics are meaningless if nobody shows up. We can help you effectively promote your event within any budget. We will use tools ranging from simple email messages and social networking tools, to a full-blown media blitz including multimedia, radio and print tools and channels. SourceSolution has years of experience in managing radio, print, direct mail, email blasts, internet, magazine, newspaper, airport, and a variety of other marketing advertising channels. We do not simply send out a million messages and hope we create interest. Rather, each activity we execute is well-planned and will incorporate metrics to measure our results so that we can make any necessary adjustments.

Support Local Meetings and Events

Local events are a great way to reach your clients, and SourceSolution can expertly plan and execute your event. From selection of technical topics to identification of speakers, SourceSolution has extensive experience planning events such as workshops, cocktail receptions, themed parties, and open houses. Our approach is flexible. We can plan and execute the entire event or alternately, we can help with any particular aspect of the event.

Success Tracking

We believe that good marketing is dependent on tracking the success or failure of all marketing campaigns. You need to know how much each lead costs you from every marketing channel whether it is tradeshows or internet marketing. We use a customized suite of tools to help you determine which marketing channels are your most productive.

Do you want to know how much each lead costs you? Do you know which tradeshows pay off? Do you know if your internet campaigns are effective? Let us help you by creating and implementing metrics that help you understand how each channel performs for you. We understand that each company and its offerings are different. We can help you move beyond a one size fits all approach by showing you what actually works for your company.

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