Product/Service Launch Campaigns

Do you have a new product or service? If so, we can help you design a marketing campaign to promote that product or service including branded webpages, press releases, focus groups, surveys, ROI tracking and everything else you need to make a product launch successful.

CRM Implementation

A comprehensive Customer Relation Management (CRM) system such as allows us to plan and capture data associated with your product or service launch campaign including customer surveys, email blasts, print materials and both online and print advertising. If you are not currently using a CRM, we can help you select one that meets your requirements and migrate data from your legacy system. If you have a CRM, we can help you use it more effectively. For example, we will integrate website forms into your CRM allowing you to measure the performance of various website pages and marketing campaigns. By creating automated responses, your potential clients can receive information they need immediately. We will leverage powerful reporting features that give you an accurate understanding of campaign performance by tying this data to resulting closed sales which will allow you to make good decisions on how to spend your marketing budget in the future.

Design of Launch Campaign Materials

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