Website and Online Advertising

Print and Online Advertising Including Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Traditional advertising is very important in building brand equity and visibility. SourceSolution has strong experience with print advertisements in magazines, airports and banners. We can also help you evaluate other channels including radio and social networking sites for product launches as well for general branding.

Online advertising is the fastest growing form of advertising and for good reason. This channel delivers tremendous value. We can design and manage your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns by determining your target audience, developing your keywords, and by helping to monitor the success of each advertisement.

Website Integration, Analytics and ROI Tracking

We strongly believe in measuring the performance of all marketing channels. By integrating your channels into a comprehensive Customer Relation Management (CRM) system such as, you will be able to leverage powerful reporting features that will allow you to make solid decisions on how to spend your marketing budget in the future. First, we will integrate website forms into your CRM allowing you to measure the performance of various website pages and marketing campaigns. By implementing automated responses, your potential clients can receive information they need immediately.

Additionally, we can setup a variety of website analytics to see how your site is performing overall and where improvements are needed. Knowing exactly how people use your website is the first step in generating more leads and should not be considered a one-time activity, but rather something that you evaluate frequently.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Is your website optimized to receive as much search engine traffic as possible? The single most important improvement you can make to your website is to perform Search Engine Optimization (SEO). For SEO, we optimize various sections of your website to increase the likelihood of potential clients finding you when they conduct searches. We will establish baseline metrics and evaluate your site performance for 30, 60 or 90 days. After this time, SourceSolution will make recommendations to improve the performance of your site and implement these changes. As with all our marketing services, we will measure the results of these changes and make adjustments as needed.

Website and Literature Design

SourceSolution can help you design your website that presents your company in the best possible light. Unlike traditional agencies, we don’t force your project into a standardized process. We can either redesign your entire website, or simply tweak the layout, flow and look to improve performance. We take several factors into consideration when redesigning sites. First, we make sure that the layout and copy ensure usefulness by your customers. Many companies present capabilities and services in a way that mirrors the organization of their company. However, many customers don’t care which division or business unit performs services or offers products it needs- they just want to find this information quickly and easily. We can help simplify your website to reduce your bounce rate and increase conversions. Second, we consider the copy and message you are delivering to make sure it is effectively conveyed and that it is targeting the correct audience. Thoughtful copy changes can impact your positioning in natural search results. Lastly, we take into account how the site looks, while not a key factor in generating traffic, it is extremely important in giving the user confidence in your message.

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